Reductions of 18th century parish maps
The Military Archives of Sweden, Krigsarkivet

Reductions were mainly made from large parish maps drawn in the scale of 1:20,000, usually to the scale of 1:80,000. Map reductions were not signed, but they are obviously the work of the regular surveyors collected by the military for making military maps (reconnaissance maps) and they were kept in the Swedish military Archives. The colouring of the reduced parish maps was quite odd. Water was marked with green, fields with pink, meadows with yellow, houses with red and so on. Actual topographical markings are missing from the maps, but the terrain is described with accurate written texts. The aim was basically to incorporate the same information in the reductions that was shown in the large parish maps. The parish map reductions can be found both in the parish of Jämsä and in the Korpilahti chapel.

Copy: Heikki Rantamäki