Textile implements

Kuva: K. VesteriIt was the job of the mistress of the house and her maids to make yarn out of linen and wool fibres, knit wool clothes and weave cloth. For this a number of implements were needed in the house. These were made by the master of the house or by a hired hand during the winter. Everyday clothes were made at home; the finer outfits might have been made by a travelling tailor.

Leather tools

When a cow or pig was slaughtered, the skin was saved, treated and stored for theKuva: K. Vesteri travelling shoemaker. From the leather, the shoemaker would make various shoes, straps and harnesses. Saddlers were masters in the art of leather work.

The houses usually had their own equipment for the initial working of the leather, other tools and waxed thread were brought by the cobbler.