Local area archives

The Board of Jämsä Museum, picture Anna Salonen, Jämsä City collections.Local area archives are a part of the so-called memory organisations, along with museums and libraries. They act as a kind of collective memory. That is why their upkeep is nationally and locally important. Sadly, many local area archives operate with very limited resources and often in very impractical and even dangerous premises from the point of view of preservation of valuable documents.

The local area archives of Jämsä were founded on 19.6.1984 after the decision of the Jämsä City Council on recommendation of the Finnish Association for Local Culture and Heritage. The material includes about 25 metres of shelves of museum archives and 47 metres of shelves of catalogued document and photo archives. The archives were moved in 2005 from Lammasmäki house to Kivipankki. The local area archives accepts archives and picture collections recording the history of private persons and companies. The archives are currently operating in a very cramped space, so the possibilities for accepting new material are very limited. Museum Curator Kyllikki Vesteri is in charge of the organisation and upkeep of the archives until the summer of 2006.

Jämsän sivistyspalvelukeskus, 020 776 2223 (Cultural service centre of Jämsä)
kulttuuritoimenjohtaja Ritva Hellsten, 020 776 2340 (Director of cultural services)
Kivipankki, 020 776 2342