To the reader

There are hundreds of different events in the Jämsä area every year. They play a part in shaping the environment and field of activity in which we live our daily lives. The vitality of activities gives the area a unique atmosphere which is communicated by the people to their surroundings, the province, the country and abroad in many ways. Creation of new ideas and events needs a historical background, from which to strive forward and develop an even more pleasant and well-known place to live.

The local area society of Jämsä has realised that historic deeds are done every day. The impact of these deeds on later development can be estimated in historical books that deal with the past events and the state of the region.

In order to help the documentation of history, the local area society of Jämsä decided to gather the most important events of the river valley and the people behind them into one document. In order to create a historical background, the book also includes reports of past decades in ten-year intervals. They help the reader to understand the link between the present moment and the decisions and accomplishments of the past.

The goal of the local area society of Jämsä is that a yearbook would be produced every year. The realisation of this goal depends on the way the book is received by the public and the organisation of funds.

The local area society of Jämsä wishes to thank the river valley factories of UPM Kymmene, the City of Jämsä, and the local newspaper Koillis-Häme for their support of the project, and the Säästöpankkisäätiö foundation of the Jämsänjoki valley for their financial support. The Society also wishes to thank Risto Hakola and the photographers who have thought about the contents of the yearbook on a weekly basis.

The local area society of Jämsä hopes that the book will find its way to as many homes as possible, where it can be studied and the impact of past events and past years on present day can be pondered. At the same time, interest in developing our area grows.

In Jämsä 5.10.2001

Jämsän Kotiseutuyhdistys ry (Local area society of Jämsä)