"A new way to access the local cultural heritage"

Museum24 - Virtual Museum of Jämsä Region

The main goal of the project is to improve the accessibility to the cultural memory of the Jämsä region. The virtual museum will not only cover the local museums, but a large variety of the heritage beyond the traditional institutions also. It provides a brief history of the Jämsä region. The Virtual Museum will be ready in the end of 2006.

The project

Provides access to the cultural heritage for everyone regardless of the place, time, handicap etc.
Promotes the Jämsä region in Finland and abroad.
Versatility of the local cultural knowledge and objects in nature and the surroundings made by human beings.
Identity of the people living in the region.
Spreads knowledge of the local history.
Allows interactivity in studying cultural memory.
Business activity in the fields of digitisation of local cultural heritage.

Target groups

The inhabitants in Jämsä region
Local schools

In co-operation with

The city of Jämsä, the leader of the project, www.jamsa.fi
The city of Jämsänkoski, partner, www.jamsankoski.fi
Artio Co IT-partner, www.artio.net
UPM, financing www.upm-kymmene.com
Jämsä Parish, financing
State Provincial Office of Western Finland/ERDF, financing, www.laaninhallitus.fi/lansi
Local Schools


EU - ERDF 56 %
Cities Jämsä and Jämsänkoski 30 %
Private companies and societies 14 %

Examples of the content

Local Museums
Architecture and buildings
People at work
Local famous people
Student room
Local news in the past
Leisure and hobbies


Mr. Juhani Heikka, project manager

tel: +358 (0)40 727 2540