Museum introduction

Pilot mannequinThe museum is made up of three buildings. The arched hall holds planes and aircraft engines and it is also where planes are restored. The prefabricated building houses air force uniforms from different eras, flight equipment and measurement, weaponry and radio equipment. The museum has about ten aircraft including a Bristol Bulldog, a VL Sääski and a Rumpler 6B, some uniquely rare.

Sometimes in the summer the restored 1930s fighter Gloster Gauntlet owned by the Guild of Aeronautics can be seen flying by the nearby Halli field. The library holds aircraft magazines and manuals for different types of planes and systems. It also has 6,000 photographs. Some of the library material can also be found in the exhibition building of the nearby aircraft factory.

Memorials: The Saab Draken fighter is on a pedestal in the centre of Halli, about 500 metres from the museum and next to it is the memorial stone of the Turbo-Vinha accident.