Changes in water levels in the Jämsä region after the Ice Age

This short animation illustrates the changes in the water levels after the Ice Age. The changes can be viewed at three points in time and at the current situation, which has most likely not changed since the Iron Age.

The two animations, 9,800 and 6,100 years ago, include short introductory videos on the Rasuanniemi area in Jämsänkoski. The latter shows a Stone Age settlement in Rasuanniemi. The Rasuanniemi spit was most likely a separate island at that time. The videos start by clicking the green arrow. The other two parts show the changes in water level as an angled view with the help of some fixed points. The area pictured reaches the height of Arvaja in the south and the height of Haavisto in the north. In the angled views the area is more referential due to the large area covered.

The links on the side have a short text to support the animations. The texts have been written by Mirja Miettinen, Senior Curator, of the National Board of Antiquities.